A Concept Company for the Pet Industry 

Doggy Paddle Products llc is a concept company in the pet industry. We create and find unique, one of a kind, concepts and/or products and bring them to market.

Current concept: The GenChan®

The GenChan® was inspired by the rescue of a 5 month old puppy from SPCA in Dallas 16 years ago. That puppy is now almost 17 and she has made me laugh every day since.  Reba has always looked like she should be some kind of breed and when I was asked the question "What is she?" I would say she was genetically challenged. Later I shortened it to GenChan. I learned that all dogs, regardless of what confluence of stars got them here, are here to teach us and to allow us to make their lives safe and enjoyable. GenChans are professors at the University of Heinz 57 in the Department of Unconditional Love. GenChans play a significant role in our emotional lives, keep us physically active and show us how to not sweat the little stuff.

Thus the ‘birth’ of the GenChan® breed! 

The GenChan is dedicated to the principle that all mutt and mixed breed dogs are brothers and sisters in their genetically challenged selves and enrich our lives as much as any pure bred dog. Our mission is to Unite, Elevate and Celebrate Mutts.  We believe all dogs of mixed ‘minglings’ are entitled to be registered, get their 'papers', and have products their humans can buy that show how much they love their GenChan. We encourage all current owners and potential dog owners to consider pet adoption. We support several rescue organizations across the country and 1 overseas. We donate 20% of all sales of GenChan products to these organizations*.

*The MyGenChan.com website is temporarily down while we are re-branding. We will launch in the Summer of 2012. GenChan products and certificates will be available upon re-launch.

Contact: TopDog@DoggyPaddleProducts.com
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